Weight Management & Nutrition

Here are the services related to this topic in Camden, including dietetics, adult and child weight management and services focusing on children's growth and nutrition.

There are community classes, health walks and outdoor gyms available for patients to access for free. 


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Bariatric Surgery – St Mary's

Bariatric surgery unit at St Mary's.

Bariatric Surgery – UCLH

Bariatric surgery at UCLH

Bariatric Surgery – Whittington

Bariatric surgery unit at the Whittington

Child Weight Management

Nutrition and physical activity clubs for children and young people


Clinic for patients with confirmed coeliac disease at Royal Free

Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP)

Behaviour intervention to reduce risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

Dietetics, Adult

Dietitian services for adults

Dietetics, Children

Community dietetic services for children, including complex feeding problems and dietary treatment

Exercise on Referral

12-week programme of guided physical activity for anyone with a health issue

Health and Wellbeing Team

Feeding and nutritional support, healthy eating and activities for babies, under-5s and older children

Healthy Start Vitamins and Vitamin D

Vitamin tablets/drops for at-risk groups

Infant Growth and Feeding Clinic

Under-5s, specialist clinic for infants and children up to the age of 2 with growth and feeding concerns

MOSAIC (Service for Disabled Children)

Integrated service for children and young people with disabilities

Rebalance – Adult Weight Management

12-week group weight-loss programme of exercise and dietary advice for overweight or obese adults

School Nursing

Health assessments, immunisation and health-promotion activities in the community for children in mainstream and special schools

Weight Management Services (Adult)

Weight management services for overweight and obese adults