There are a variety of services that fall under Camden's community respiratory care. These include asthma outpatients, TB services and stop smoking. CNWL offer a support service for those with COPD. 

CNWL also provide home-oxygen monitoring.


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Asthma Clinic – Royal Free

Asthma outpatient clinic

Asthma – UCLH

Asthma outpatient clinic

Asthma – Whittington

Asthma outpatient clinic for patients whose asthma is difficult to control, have needed review/admission in hospital or diagnosis uncertain

Camden Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Home Oxygen Service

Formerly named Camden Community Respiratory Service. For patients with confirmed COPD diagnosis.

Camden Home Oxygen Service (HOS-AR)

Oxygen for home use

Find & Treat Service

Service aims to find cases of active TB early and support patients to take a full course of treatment and get cured

IGRA Testing

Information on how to provide IGRA testing in order to improve latent TB detection

North Central London TB Service – Royal Free

For all adults and children with suspected or known tuberculosis (TB)

North Central London TB Service – Whittington

For all adults and children with suspected or known tuberculosis (TB)

Rapid Response Admission Avoidance

Supporting patients managed in community but at risk of admission to hospital to remain in their home

Respiratory Services – COPD Domiciliary Pathway

Home visits to housebound patients with severe respiratory disease

Respiratory Services – Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation course

Respiratory – Royal Free

Respiratory service at Royal Free

Respiratory – St Mary's

Respiratory services at St Mary's Hospital

Respiratory – UCLH

Respiratory service at UCLH

Respiratory – Whittington

Respiratory services at Whittington Hospital

Sleep Clinic – Royal Free

Sleep services at Royal Free Hospital

Sleep Clinic – UCLH

Secondary care sleep services at UCLH.

Stop Smoking

Community support to help people stop smoking

Suspected Cancer Two-week Referrals (2ww)

Urgent, two-week referrals for suspected cancer

TB Clinic St Mary's

TB clinic at St Mary's Hospital