Referral Management

Referral management is a way of monitoring, directing and controlling patient referrals, with the aim of ensuring that the most clinically effective and cost-effective outcomes are achieved, whilst at the same time respecting patients’ rights to choice (as defined in the NHS Constitution). 
(Source: e-Referral referral management factsheet)

Routine secondary-care referrals for the majority of conditions go via Camden Clinical Assesssment Service (CCAS), a peer-review referral-management service set up by Camden GPs.

For referrals that do not meet the criteria for referral to secondary care, GPs may make either an Individual Funding Request (IFR) or a Procedures of Low Clinical Effectiveness (PoLCE) application.

Referral checklist


  • relevant medical history
  • blood and imaging results
  • current medication
  • medication that has been tried
  • drug allergies

CCAS may return referrals if they haven't followed either NICE guidance or local clinical pathways.