MSK & Rheumatology

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Please note that all patients referred to spinal neurosurgery will be managed by Camden MSKs Single Point of Referral for triage

GP education – if you wish to host an MSK education session in your practice please email Nina Farkas or Rory Twogood.


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Camden MSK

Consultant-led, multidisciplinary, MSK specialist team for the ambulatory assessment and management of common MSK conditions

Camden Pain Service (CPS)

Community MSK pain management

Healthy Start Vitamins and Vitamin D

Vitamin tablets/drops for at-risk groups

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Support for patients whose physical abilities have been reduced through illness (e.g. stroke, fall, MSK condition).

Metabolic Bone Clinic

Investigation and management of osteoporosis and complex metabolic bone disease

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery procedures at Brondesbury Medical Centre, Hampstead Group Practice and Swiss Cottage Surgery


Community MSK Clinical Assessment & Treatment Service

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Specialist community clinic for a wide range of physiotherapy services for patients 0–17 years old

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for pelvic health at RFH

Physiotherapy (Physio) Services

Community assessment and treatment of MSK conditions

Post-ICU brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injury

Complications in the post-ICU COVID-19 population referral pathway

Rapid Access Early Inflammatory Arthritis – RFH

Rapid-access clinic with ultrasound imaging of the hands and wrists for patients suspected of early inflammatory arthritis

Rapid Access Early Inflammatory Arthritis – UCLH

Rapid-access clinic to see patients newly identified as being likely to have inflammatory arthritis

Rheumatology – Royal Free

Rheumatology service at Royal Free Hospital

Rheumatology – UCLH

Rheumatology service at UCLH

Rheumatology – Whittington

Rheumatology service at Whittington Hospital

Royal Free Fracture Clinic

Where to refer patients following an A&E visit for a fracture

St Mary's Fracture Clinic

Where to refer patients following an A&E visit for fracture

Suspected Cancer Two-week Referrals (2ww)

Urgent, two-week referrals for suspected cancer

UCLH Fracture Clinic

Where to refer patients following a visit to A&E for fracture

Whittington Fracture Clinic

Where to refer patients following an A&E visit for fracture