COPD carries a heavy burden for patients and their families, with many attending hospital when they could be cared for more effectively and comfortably closer to home.

If you have a patient with COPD who you feel could benefit from expert input, consider a referral to the CNWL Community Respiratory Service. CNWL also provides home-oxygen monitoring.

Diagnostic Spirometry Update

From 1 June 2018, CNWL will provide quality-assured spirometry tests and interpretation guidance. The results will be sent to the patient’s GP for clinical interpretation and diagnosis.

If GPs are uncertain about the diagnosis after clinical interpretation, CNWL can provide full clinical assessment for the patient, including additional spirometry, interpretation and diagnosis. 

The referral process to CNWL will continue, with a prerequisite of handheld spirometry carried out in primary care prior to referral.

Email spirometry queries to the CNWL COPD team.

FAQs are available to download (see Downloads).

The UCLH SUMMIT Study is offering patients a lung health check and quality assured spirometry, please see the Cancer topic page for more information.