COPD carries a heavy burden for patients and their families, with many attending hospital when they could be cared for more effectively and comfortably closer to home.

If you have a patient with COPD who you feel could benefit from expert input, consider a referral to the CNWL Community Respiratory Service. Referrals for spirometry screening accepted until 31 March 2018, when the service is due to finish.

CNWL also provides home-oxygen monitoring.

Diagnostic Spirometry Update

CNWL have  been  commissioned to continue a diagnostic spirometry service until the end of March 2018. A proposal for this is to be included in the Universal Offer from April 2018 is being explored.
Referrals, for now, should be made on the CNWL Camden Community Health EMIS referral form and emailed to
Further information can be found at Community Respiratory Service.