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The Complex Families programme was a local response to the national Troubled Families initiative. It has now been extended for a further 5 years, and Camden are expected to identify some 2,000 families who would benefit. The inclusion criteria have been broadened from worklessness, anti-social behaviour and so on to include those with significant physical or mental health needs.

We are now working directly with a large cohort of families with lifestyle issues  - for example, we are developing tailor-made programmes on weight management and behaviour change around obesity which we are planning to roll out across Camden. Our work underpins a new approach to working with families within primary care in a more holistic way rather than simply addressing the symptoms – which, typically, tend to be presented as emergencies in A&E. We are also working with Public Health to help families manage their own health and in discussion with the Royal Free to extend the Pathways programme for homeless people, currently based at UCL.

If you have a family you think would benefit from the Complex Families programme:
 e: eCAF at

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            Dr Dee Hora, clinical lead for Complex Family Work & Domestic Abuse

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Dr Dee Hora

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Last updated: Mar 30th, 2017
Review date: Aug 30th, 2017