Deveopments within colorectal care

qFIT Pilot Study

The qFIT pilot study, led by the UCLH Cancer Collaborative, is the largest pilot in the UK and will evaluate whether a cheap qFIT test could be a reliable ‘rule-out’ test of colorectal cancer in primary care for patients with suspicious lower abdominal symptoms. The qFIT test could help stem the increasing need for endoscopy resources and will support NICE guidelines for colorectal cancer offering a cheap and reliable test as a decision tool for colorectal investigation. Some practices in Camden have signed up to be part of this pilot.  

Bowel scope screening for colorectal cancer

In Quarter 4 of 2017, the UCLH will be launching a new programme for a one-off bowel scope, or flexible sigmoidoscopy. This will be offered to those aged 55 to look for and remove any polyps, thus eliminating any potential cancerous growths. Patients may start to be invited from June 2017. 

For more information, please contact the clinical lead for cancer.

Clinical lead Imogen Staveley and CRUK facilitator Christine Harding have developed one hour lunchtime cancer screening awareness training sessions for practice staff. 

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Last updated: Jul 13th, 2017
Review date: Nov 6th, 2017