Children, Young People and Family

When considering the child, it is important to think of their health within the context of their family and their wider social circumstances. Over the last few years, we have been working with the local authority, schools, mental health, primary and secondary care and community health services and the voluntary sector to provide integrated services.

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  • We’re working towards bringing paediatricians into GP surgeries to review children and support GP consultations and training.
  • We are aligning atopy services across our two main providers and bringing care into community through nurse-led specialist working in GP surgeries.



Adult Gender Identity Clinic

Adult mental health pages

Adult mental health pages

Affected Other's Support – CGL Some Space

Support for families/partners affected by someone else's drug and alcohol misuse

Antenatal and Perinatal Wellbeing (Camden Blossoms)

Support for pregnant mums and new parents

Benefits and Tax

Services for advice and support with benefits and taxes

Brandon Centre – Young People and Families

Confidential help and advice for young people aged 12 to 25 and their parents or carers

Breastfeeding Support

Support to mums before and after pregnancy

Camden Council Family Information

Information, advice and assistance to parents of children and young people

Camden Local Offer

Website with information on services for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)

Camden Safety Net – Domestic Violence

Support, risk assessment and referrals for male and female survivors of domestic and sexual violence

Child Protection

Child safety and welfare contacts

Child Weight Management

Nutrition and physical activity clubs for children and young people

Children's Audiology and Vestibular Medicine

Full diagnostic and support services for children with balance and hearing issues

Children's Centres

Support for families expecting a child or with children under 5

Children's Complex and Continuing Care

Contuniung care package for children dependent on technology to live

Children's Nursing (Community)

Facilitate early discharge from hospital and prevent hospital admissions for children with complex needs

Children’s Community Atopy (Asthma & Eczema) Clinic

Nurse-led support for young people with asthma, multiple trigger wheeze and eczema

Citizens Advice Bureau

Advice for people who work, live or study in Camden

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

Electronic system for sharing relevant information for child and family support

Community Paediatrics

Paediatric service for children with developmental or behavioural concerns

Dietetics, Children

Dietetic services for children, including complex feeding problems and dietary treatment

Drugs and Alcohol – Young People

Forward (FWD) drug and alcohol service for young people

Early Help: Children, Young People & Families

Identify and respond to emerging problems for children, young people and families

Eating Disorders Services

Specialist services for young people and adults

Employment Support Services

Helping adults to get back into work

FGM – Child Clinic

FGM clinic for girls 0–18 at UCLH

Families in Focus

Early-help service for families with children aged 4–16 with complex needs; offers parenting programmes

Family Nurse Partnership

Support programme for first-time young parents

Family Support – The Winch

Improving the lives of young people and families in Camden

Fitzrovia Youth in Action

Peer education and peer-mentoring services for young people aged 14–19

Free early education and childcare

Free childcare places for 2–4-year-olds for 15–30 hours per week

Health & Wellbeing Team

Healthy eating and activities for babies and children

Health Visitors

Community-based service to support families with children under 5

Healthy Start Vitamins and Vitamin D

Vitamin tablets/drops for at-risk groups

Home-Start – Family Support

Trained volunteers offering free, weekly parenting support for under-5s

Homelessness: Young People

Support for young homeless people through New Horizon Youth Centre

IESO – Talking Therapy

Talking therapy service for those struggling with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems


Information and training

Incontinence (Bladder and Bowel)

Bladder and bowel care services

Infant Growth and Feeding Clinic

For infants and children under 2 with growth and feeding concerns

Integrated Children’s Service

Single point of referral to services for children and young people

Looked After Children Service – LAC

Health assessments and advice for children and young people

MOSAIC (Service for Disabled Children)

Integrated service for children and young people with disabilities

MOSAIC SCAS (Social Communication Assessment Service)

For children who have ASD

NHS Complaints Advocacy

Free advice and independent of the NHS and confidential

North London Partners Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service

Specialist mental health services for pregnant and postnatal women

Open Minded (CAMHS)

For under-18s and their families experiencing emotional, behavioural and mental health problems

Paediatric Gender Identity Clinic

Specialist service for under 18s

Paediatric Infections and Tropical Diseases

For children and young people with unusual, complicated or recurrent infections

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

For children with motor, sensory processing, visual perception or social interaction issues

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Royal Free based service for patients 0–17 years

Paediatrics, Urgent and Rapid Access

Urgent paediatric referral information

Palliative Care (Children)

Paediatric care and support for children up to 18 years old with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions

Parent and Carer Counselling Service (PCCS)

Free counselling service for parents and carers

Parent-Infant Project

Psychotherapy focusing on parent-infant relationships

Phlebotomy – Child

Phlebotomy clinic information for children

School Nursing

Health assessments, immunisation and health-promotion activities for children in mainstream and special schools

Sexual Health Services for Young People

Advice and information on relationships and safer sex, contraception, free condoms and STI screening

Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia

For those with, or at risk of, sickle cell and thalassaemia

Speech and Language Therapy: Children

For speech and language delays and disorders

The Hive

Emotional health and wellbeing service, supporting young people 16–24 in Camden

Young Carers – Family Action

Support for under-18s who care for a family member with physical, mental or learning disability or has substance misuse problem

iCope – Psychological Therapies

Free advice for adults with a wide range of problems, including stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia

            Dr Oliver Anglin, clinical lead for Children, Young People and Family

Clinical Lead

Dr Oliver Anglin

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CamEd January 2018 event at the RCGP

24th Jan 2018

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

21st Nov 2017

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

10th Oct 2017

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

15th Aug 2017

CamEd July 2017 event at the RCGP

20th Jul 2017

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

13th Jun 2017

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

25th Apr 2017

Healthy London Partnership: Improving Care for CYP in Primary Care

25th Apr 2017

Young people and relationships

30th Mar 2017

Young people and pornography

15th Mar 2017

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

28th Feb 2017

CamEd January event at the RCGP

18th Jan 2017

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

13th Dec 2016

Come correct c-card condom distribution scheme training

7th Dec 2016

Introduction to talking to young people about sexual health

30th Nov 2016

Safeguarding Children from Child Sexual Exploitation Workshop

25th Nov 2016

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

21st Nov 2016

Eating disorders training - RFL

18th Nov 2016

CamEd October event at the RCGP

19th Oct 2016

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

18th Oct 2016

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

16th Aug 2016

CAMHS: Learning Disabilities Awareness Training

27th Jul 2016

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

14th Jun 2016

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

12th Apr 2016

Young people's mental health GP study afternoon

24th Feb 2016

Children Safeguarding Training Level 3

16th Feb 2016

Looking After the Health of Children and Young People in Camden

21st Jan 2016

Paediatric Asthma Education Event

16th Sep 2015

Looking After the Health of Children and Young People in Camden Event

22nd Jan 2015

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