Royal Free Urgent Paediatric Referrals

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Urgent referrals for children.

For urgent paediatric advice, phone hospital switchboard and ask for on-call paediatric consultant (available 24/7). In addition:

  • RFH on-call paediatrician – t: 020 7794 0500 bleep 1000
  • St Mary's Paediatrics A&E – t: 020 3312 3771
  • Imperial College GP Advice Service – t: 020 3311 6224

How to refer


Referral methods: Email, Hand to Patient

Patients must be sent with a GP referral letter (letter can also be sent by email – e:

For very urgent assessment of an acutely ill child, contact Consultant Paediatrician.

  • t: 020 7794 0500, bleep 1000; then fax referral.
  • f: 020 7472 6565

For urgent routine appointments, fax referral letter to outpatient team.

  • f: 020 7830 2144

Arrange appointment in urgent referral clinic on same day or following day.

  • t: 020 7794 0500 x38063/38064

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Last updated: Jul 14th, 2020
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