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The pulmonary rehabilitation course, lasting 6–8 weeks, focuses on exercise, education and self-management. Pulmonary rehabilitation should be offered to all patients MRC 3 and above, as well as any patients who feel functionally limited by breathlessness, or exacerbate frequently – see NICE COPD guidelines 2018. Please include patient spirometry confirming diagnosis of COPD on referral.

Eligibility criteria


  • Registered with Camden GP
  • MRC score of 3–5
  • MRC score of 1 or 2 with a history of repeated exacerbations or limited by breathlessness
  • COPD diagnosis
  • Sufficient mobility
  • Optimal medical management
  • Ability to travel (transport available, if otherwise unable to attend)
  • Willingness to participate


  • Unstable angina
  • MI in last 4 weeks
  • Uncontrolled CVD
  • Serious locomotor disorders
  • Other serious medical condition/cognitive impairment that restricts ability to participate
  • Have attended in last year

How to refer

This form can be sent by: Email

Complete the EMIS form and attach any relevant discharge or outpatient reports and send by email.


Editable PDF/Word document Download Form

This form can be sent by: Email

Complete a CNWL Community Service referral form and attach any relevant discharge or outpatient reports.


General Contact Details

t: 020 3317 5355


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