Physiotherapy (Physio) Services

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The Camden MSK Physiotherapy service is part of the Camden MSK Pathway and is delivered in partnership with Connect Health.

Specialist MSK Physiotherapists will assess and treat a variety of common musculoskeletal problems – see downloads for examples of suitable conditions.

Clinic locations throughout Camden.


Patients speak with an MSK physiotherapist (usually within one week of referral) to begin managing their problem quickly. Deaf, interpreter and special-needs patients will be booked directly into a face-to-face physiotherapy appointment. Please be aware Physioline calls are from a withheld number.

t: 020 7871 0545

How to Refer Self ReferralEMIS Forms


Self-referral by telephone is the quickest way to access the service – see downloads for patient leaflet (telephone number on page two).

t: 020 7871 0545

GP referral

You can also refer your patient to the MSK Physiotherapy service via e-RS.

  1. Search for Specialty: Physiotherapy and Clinic Type: Musculoskeletal (for all Musculoskeletal services) 
  2. Select Camden Musculoskeletal Service – Physiotherapy – UCLH – RR
    Service ID: 7934645
  3. Click the ‘Send for triage’ button to send the referral to Camden MSK for triage
    and booking.

Once referral has been received, it will be triaged and then directed to the most appropriate clinical service within Camden MSK.

Contact Details

Clinical questions – e:

Operational issues – e:

GP liaison & education – e: