Physiotherapy (Physio) Services

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Physiotherapy for MSK involves assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal problems - further information on Examples of Suitable Conditions.

Provides number of different techniques including manipulation and mobilisation, massage, hydrotherapy, exercise programmes, electrotherapy and acupuncture as well as referrals to CATS/Podiatry if required.

Current waiting time - 19 days (correct as of 19/07/17)


PhysioLine is a contact and assessment service completed over the phone. Patients speak with a physiotherapist usually within 48 hours to start managing problem quickly. Deaf, interpreter and speical needs patients will be booked directly into face to face physiotherapy appointment.

Current waiting time - 3 days (correct as of 19/07/17)

t: 020 7871 0545

Please email if you have any queries

DNA Policy

From Tuesday 3 May 2016 patients to the community physio service will be discharged after one DNA. If the patient is referred back to the service by the GP within 8 weeks the referral will be re-instated to reduce missed appointmend and improve the service. Any queries email

How to Refer Self Referral

To refer your patient to the MSK Physiotherapy service complete a MSK Referral Form via e-Referral.

Patients can self-refer but if there is complex medical history or do not have fluent English GPs need to refer
t: 020 7871 0545

Provide patient with copy of MSK Patient Guide.

Referral lists should be sent through daily, regardless of how many there are, to ensure patient appointments are scheduled in the most efficient way

Contact Details

Clinical questions - e:

Operational issues - e:

GP liaison & education - e: