Parent and Carer Counselling Service (PCCS)

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A free counselling service for parents and carers.

Twelve one-to-one sessions, which take place weekly in school hours during term time.

Provides an opportunity for parents to talk about problems, decisions, worries or changes in any area of their life. Problems do not have to be related to parenting. 

The majority of clients start counselling within 2-3 weeks of receipt of application.

Takes place in a private room within the school or children's centre.

Eligibility criteria


Parents and carers who have a child in a Camden maintained school or children's centre.

How to refer

Self-referral Download Form

Parents and carers can refer themselves by completing the self-referral form or by contacting the service by email or telephone.

t: 020 7974 6500


General Contact Details

t: 020 7974 6821