Pain Management Centre

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Referral to UCLH Pain Management Centre (PMC) when CCAS considers appropriate.

Evaluates, diagnoses and treats chronic pain distorders. Provides pain management programmes/interventions, including systemic drug treatment, intravenous drug infusions, peripheral and central nerve blocks, radio frequency lesioning and spinal implants, pain physiotherapy and pain psychology.

Other relevant services;

How to refer

EMIS form Download Form

Referral methods: Email

Before referring: please ensure that patients who do not live locally have seen their local pain service (referrals will likely be rejected if not). Visit the National Pain Audit website to find a local pain clinic. 

Upon referral: GP referral by emailing completed EMIS form. Please enclose a scanned clinician letter and any correspondence from an email account.


Emailed referrals preferred. If not possible, print form and post to:

The Pain Management Centre, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Cleveland Street, 25 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4AJ

If referral is accepted, the patient will be placed on the appropriate waiting list. If referral is not accepted, the referrer, GP and patient will be notified by post.