Minor Surgery

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Practices should refer patients with symptomatic benign skin lesions to the Minor Surgery DES team, who will contact them directly and book them in. (PoLCE applications for minor surgery will be returned to the referring GP, with the suggestion that the referral be sent to Minor Surgery DES if the condition/injury meets the eligibility criteria listed below.)

Three practices are registered to provide this Directed Enhanced Service to other practices' registered populations: 

  • Brondesbury Medical Centre
  • Hampstead Group Practice
  • Swiss Cottage Surgery

Follow up will be by the patient's own GP (e.g. for removal of sutures).

  • Any queries regarding incision and drainage appointments should be directed to CCAS, t: 0203 688 1748.
  • Any queries regarding pathways and commissioning should be directed to Amanda Rimington, e: amanda.rimington@nhs.net.

Eligibility criteria


  • Invasive procedures, including incisions and excisions:
    • Lesions that are symptomatic and/or inflamed on more than one occasion at the time of consultations
    • Toes with chronic or recurrent in-growing nails or nail deformity requiring surgical removal of part or all of the nail, along with nail bed ablation, where appropriate
    • Surgical drainage of abscesses (excluding perianal, Bartholin's and pilonidal abscesses), if an appointment via CCAS is available within 24 hours; if it isn't, refer patient to secondary care
  • Aspirations for diagnostic or therapeutic indications (e.g. Ganglion)
  • While we accept referrals for injections (muscles, tendons, joints), the preferred route is via MSK


  • Children under 12 years of age (12–18-year-olds will be assessed individually)
  • Lesions more than 5cm in size (can apply for PoLCE, if eligible)
  • Suspected melanoma and squamous cell carcimona (follow 2WW referral pathway)
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma and Keratoacanthoma (refer routinely or via 2ww if rapidly enlarging)
  • Following procedures not normally funded:
    • Removal of clinically benign moles on cosmetic grounds
    • Treatment of skin lesions that require using cryotherapy, curettage or cautery
    • Removal of sutures

How to refer

This form can be sent by: E-referral

Follow the Service Pathway (see Downloads) for details of how to refer different conditions most appropriately.

Complete and send the pro forma via e-Referrals:

  1. Choose 'Dermatology' as the Specialty
  2. Select 'Skin Surgery for Benign Skin Lesions' as the clinic type
  3. Click 'Search Primary Care'
  4. On the next page, find the 'Camden Minor Surgery DES' option and click 'Send for Triage'
  5. Complete the rest of the process as usual

General Contact Details

t: 0203 688 1748