Mindfulness Based Therapies

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Mindfulness-based therapy courses are designed to help patients:

  • stay well and prevent relapse into depression
  • cope with long term, treatment resistant anxiety
  • cope with low mood, anxiety and chronic pain in the context of long term health problems (cardiovascular, MSK, immune system disorders, etc.)

Practicing mindfulness can help patients live more fully in the present, rather than being caught in rumination and worry over the past or future. It can help individuals become more aware of patterns of low mood and stress and better able to respond to them skillfully, helping to enhance well-being.

Eligibility criteria


  • For mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) courses for the prevention of relapse into depression, main exclusions are recent bereavement, a current major depressive episode, other mental disorder diagnoses, or ongoing alcohol/substance misuse problems
  • For the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)  courses for the management of chronic pain, chronic illness and anxiety, main exclusions are patient still under-going investigations, treatment at a pain clinic, or alcohol/substance misuse problems

How to refer

This form can be sent by: Email

GP referral by completing iCope EMIS form and send by email. Please mention a preference for either MBCT or MBSR.

e: cim-tr.icopecamden@nhs.net


Patients can self-refer by online form or telephone.

t: 020 3317 5600

w: https://www.icope.nhs.uk/self-referral/

General Contact Details

t: 020 3317 6670

e: cim-tr.icopecamden@nhs.net

w: https://www.icope.nhs.uk

Service Address

The Camley Centre, St Pancras Hospital,
4 St. Pancras Way,
London NW1 0PE