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The Services for Ageing and Mental Health CMHT is a community-based service working with older adults experiencing depression, anxiety, dementia, psychosis and other serious mental health concerns. For older patients experiencing mental health crisis consider a referral to the Home Treatment Team.

Offer a number of evidence-based treatments:

  • Talking therapies
  • Medication management
  • Setting up home care
  • Home visits
  • Help with social and housing needs and advice on benefits
  • An allocated care coordinator if needs are ongoing

Older adults without specific needs related to ageing should be referred to the general assessment service.

Eligibility criteria


Older people living in borough of Camden with mental health problems

  • People of any age with dementia
  • People with mental disorder and physical illness/frailty that contributes or complicates management of mental illness. May include people under 65
  • People over the age of 70 with psychological or social difficulties related to ageing process or end-of-life issues

How to Refer

Complete referral form (see Downloads).


Contact Details

Services for Ageing and Mental Health CMHT

The Peckwater Centre, 6 Peckwater St, London NW5 2TX

t: 020 3317 6541

CMHT duty worker – t: 020 3317 6577