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The Services for Ageing and Mental Health CMHT is a community-based service working with older adults experiencing depression, anxiety, dementia, psychosis and other serious mental health concerns. For older patients experiencing mental health crisis consider a referral to the Home Treatment Team.

Offer a number of evidence-based treatments:

  • Talking therapies
  • Medication management
  • Setting up home care
  • Home visits
  • Help with social and housing needs and advice on benefits
  • An allocated care coordinator if needs are ongoing

Older adults without specific needs related to ageing should be referred to the general assessment service.

To contact CMHT duty worker – t: 020 3317 6577

Eligibility criteria


Older people living in borough of Camden with mental health problems

  • People of any age with dementia
  • People with mental disorder and physical illness/frailty that contributes or complicates management of mental illness. May include people under 65
  • People over the age of 70 with psychological or social difficulties related to ageing process or end-of-life issues

How to refer

Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: Email

Complete referral form and send by email.


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Service Feedback

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Phone Number

t: 020 3317 6541




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