Memory Service

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Specialist service for assessment and intervention of people with dementia.

Provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people suspected of developing dementia. Patients diagnosed with dementia will be reviewed regularly to monitor the progression of the condition and to offer support, advice and signposting.

Patients may be seen at home or in clinic for their first appointment. The patient (and carer/relative) are seen in clinic at Peckwater Centre for feedback and to discuss diagnosis. Patients diagnosed with dementia will be seen regularly for ongoing review by a Memory Service Practitioner.

Eligibility criteria


  • live in Camden
  • for assessment and diagnosis – patients over 65 (under 65 only if they have severe and enduring mental health problems and/or alcohol/drug misuse)
  • for ongoing review – Camden residents with a formal diagnosis of dementia who live at home (under and over 65)


  • generally patients aged below 65 years (refer to the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at Queen Square)
  • assessment is offered to care home residents, but not ongoing review and support

How to refer


Referral methods: Email

Referral letter sent via email.


Please include details of:

  • blood results for last six months
  • symptoms associated with dementia
  • mental and physical health history
  • any recent brain scans (CT or MRI)
  • let the team know if the patient has been referred to (or is under the care of) Neurology 

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Service Feedback

Email Address


Phone Number

t: 020 3317 6584


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