Incontinence (Bladder and Bowel)

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Bladder and Bowel Care

Bladder and Bowel Care Services see both adults and children (from age 3) who have bladder or bowel problems (including bed and daytime wetting, constipation; excluding stoma care). Teach pelvic floor exercises, bladder drill, intermittent catherisation.

Locations include South Camden Centre for Health and Kentish Town Health Centre.

All housebound patients requiring a continence assessment for bladder and/or bowel management or assessment for products should be referred to district nurse in first instance.


PhysioLine can offer pelvic floor exercises.

Royal Free Hospital

For pelvic floor exercises, please refer to the Women's Health Physiotherapy.

Incontinence Pads

For supplies of incontinence pads, liaise with your integrated primary care team.

How to refer

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This form can be sent by: Email

Complete referral form and send by post or email.

Referral address: Central Booking Service, Level 4, Highgate Wing, Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19 5JG


Self-referral by telephone or completing self-referral form and sending by email.

t: 020 3316 8401


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