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Guidance: delivering childhood immunisations during COVID-19: An information pack has been created to help with the issue of fallen routine vaccination rates due to parental anxiety around coronavirus.

The pack contains:

NHS Camden's Immunisation team

t: 020 3317 5074 for clinical advice (Mon–Fri 9:00–17:00).

Visit the DoH Immunisation pages for the latest updates on immunisation, information on key vaccines, and downloadable copies of the Green Book. Visit the NHS England page for Patient Group Directions (PGDs).

Children's immunisations

See the latest immunisation schedule here or download the PDF from the downloads section on the right.

See also the 2017/18 Immunisation programmes – a list of additional and enhanced services and NHS England's immunisation update (December 2017).

For pt-specific or vacc-specific questions, contact Patricia Stephens, Immunisation Nurse Specialist, t: 020 3317 5074, e:


Immunisation training is run jointly between Camden and Islington. Phone/email for further details.
t: 020 3317 2071 

Patient Information

Immunisation leaflets should be ordered from the DoH order line.
t: 0300 123 1002 or via the online shop:
Translated immunisation information is available to download from the DoH website.

Removal of infant dose of MenC vaccine from 1 July 2016

The JCVI have recommended that infants no longer receive vaccination against MenC from 1 July 2016. The Hib/MenC vaccine and MenACWY conjugate vaccine are unaffected. The Pan London template will be updated towards the end of June 2016.

Timing recommendation of pertussis vaccination in pregnancy

NHS England recommends pregnant women should be offered a single 0.5ml dose of dTaP/IPV vaccine between gestational weeks 16 and 32 in every pregnancy. See full details of pertussis recommendations

See Public Health England's leafet to inform women of the need for MMR post-natally, if indicated.

Immunisation invites for under-5s no longer available

CNWL is no longer sending out first reminder letters to children aged under 5 when they are due for immunisations. CNWL will continue to send individual monthly reports with a list of defaulters to practices to follow up with non-respondents.

Efficient systems for call and recall of children who need vaccinating, as well as following up with non-responders, is needed. EMIS Web provides reports to identify children (Population Reporting > EMIS Library > Cytology & Immunisation > Childhood immunisation diary recall). iPlato can be used to text message parents of children for invites.  

IT Tools

IT Tools to support Childhood Immunisations