Imaging Services – UCLH

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Walk-in x-ray service available (Mon and Wed 08:30–18:30; Tues, Thurs and Fri 08:30–16:30). Patients must bring a completed form with them.

How to refer

EMIS form Download Form

Referral methods: Email

Complete EMIS form and send by email (for renal colic referrals, see the EMIS form).

For direct access to diagnostics please use the following:

  • CXR – complete imaging form (mark as 2WW if urgent) and send patient to walk-in clinic
  • USS gynae, USS abdomen, CT Pancreas, MRI Brain – complete imaging form (mark as 2WW if urgent) and email


Editable PDF / Word document

Referral methods: Email

Complete imaging referral form (see Downloads) and send by email.


For nuclear imaging (nuclear medicine/DEXA scans):

For gynaecology pelvic ultrasound (scan only):

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