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InHealth provides imaging and diagnostic services across sites, including Kentish Town Health Centre (Camden), Bingfield Primary Care Centre (Islington), St Ann's Primary Care Centre (Haringey), and North London Diagnostic Centre (a multi-modalities site in Enfield).

The services include:

  • MRI brain
  • pelvic, thyroid, scrotal and abdominal ultrasound        
  • doppler ultrasound for peripheral vascular disease
  • echocardiogram
  • 24 hour ECG

North London Diagnostic Centre now offers a walk-in service for X-Ray and DXA.

Approval for an open MRI for those with claustrophobia or for those with a width measurement at widest points of greater than 27 inches/70cm needs to be provided by CCAS prior to sending the referral to InHealth.

How to Refer EMIS Forms

Referral forms (apart from Open MRI) can be downloaded here. EMIS versions and referring through e-Referral are also available.


For Open MRI forms:

  1. Complete Application Form for Open MRI (see Downloads) and email to
  2. CCAS will respond with approval or rejection 
  3. Submit approved applications through referral form (see Downloads) to e:

Clinical guidelines on when to refer can be found here.

Contact Details

InHealth Diagnostic Service for London

Urgent enquiries/clinical triage – t: 0333 202 3185 (Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00)

Non-urgent/referral enquiries – t: 0333 202 0297 (Mon–Fri 09:00–17:00)

Patient enquiries – t: 0333 202 0300


Opening times for North London Diagnostic Centre walk-in service for X-Ray and DX.