Health and Wellbeing Team

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Previoulsy known as Healthy Eating Team.

Free sessions and programmes to help get babies and children off to a healthy start. Programmes include the following.

  • Starting Solids: The Department of Health recommends babies start on solid foods when they are around six months old. This free, 90-minute session supports parents of babies who have not yet started solid foods. Includes: when and how to start, foods to start with and foods to avoid. (Parents can attend with their baby.)
  • Starting Solids, Next Steps: A free, 90 minute session to support parents of babies who have already started solid foods and are under 1 year. Includes: moving on to more textured family foods and finger foods, encouraging your baby to drink from a cup, and overcoming feeding challenges. (Parents can attend with their baby.)
  • Families for Life – Early Years: Healthy eating and active play programme for children aged 2–4, covering tasty meal and snack ideas, easy ways to get children moving more, portion sizes and fussy eating, fun family cooking and eating sessions. 
  • Families for Life – Family Kitchen: For families with children aged 2–11, providing opportunities to learn about healthy eating and to cook and eat healthy meals together.

How to Refer Self Referral

For Starting Solids/Starting Solids Next Steps, book online here and select 'Starting Solids' or 'Starting Solids, Next Steps'. Alternatively, use the referral form (see Downloads) and send by email. See Downloads for information leaflets and dates.

Complete referral form (see Downloads) for other programmes or contact the health and wellbeing team directly for more information and to book a session.



Contact Details

Health and Wellbeing Team

t: 020 7974 6736