Frailty MDT/Hub

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If you have a patient with complex needs arising from frailty, then they may benefit from a Comprehensive Assessment. The outcome will be a Care Plan that can account for a patient's clinical, psychological, social and other needs due to frailty.

Depending on their needs, there are a variety of MDT meetings at which the patient can be managed and discussed: Practice MDT for patients who are mildly frail and/or complex, Neighbourhood MDT for patients who are moderately frail and/or complex, and Hub (Borough) MDT for patients who are severely frail and/or complex.

The MDTs focus is on providing collaborative care planning, with each patient being discussed by a team of experts who will collaboratively devise a care plan and add it into EMIS Web.

GPs are encouraged to attend either in person or teleconference/videoconference at either the Neighbourhood or Hub MDTs. The MDT meetings are held weekly at various locations across Camden. Please email regarding the venue of the meeting you are planning to attend.

The Neighbourhood MDTs started in April 2018.

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How to refer

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Referral methods: Email

For Neighbourhood or Hub MDT, complete the referral form and send by email.


If you are unsure which MDT you wish your patient to be discussed at, tick the 'unsure' or 'Single Point of Access' for the referral to be processed by the MDT team accordingly.

You will be notified of the date on which your patient will be discussed and you'll be invited to attend the allocated MDT meeting.