End of Life Care: Coordinate My Care

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CMC supports patients in situations requiring urgent care by hosting an electronic, personalised, urgent care plan accessible to health and social care professionals and urgent care providers.

It is available 24/7 across London and keeps the patient and their plan, preferences and wishes at the heart of their own healthcare.

View the CMC Flow Chart for how to access CMC and training and support.

Access and create CMC urgent care plans

CMC System

Login to the CMC system through NHS Secure Network.

EMIS in Context 

CMC in context is accessible via a link from within EMIS, viewable beside the link to the Summary Care Record on the LHS of the screen. It is not full integration, but a step towards it. More information on advantages and disadvantages of the two systems is on the CMC EMIS template. There are two video introductions to the CMC EMIS Template. Click to view the EMIS Web Template Introduction and CMC Hyperlinks videos.

The two Guides, How to Use it and How to Configure It, can be downloaded from CMC in Context.

Smart Card 

If you provide CMC with your SMART CARD ID number, it will be linked with your CMC Login ID. The first time you access the new CMC directly or via EMIS in context, you will be asked for your Log in ID and password.

General Contact Details

Coordinate My Care

New users

For anything to do with becoming a user, submitting forms, arranging training or information governance queries.

e: cmc_training@nhs.net 

t: 0207 811 8074 – CMC Training & IG Administrator

Existing users

Email for general enquiries, password resets and feedback or contact the HELP line, who will also provide support as you need it when you are using CMC.

e: coordinatemycare@nhs.net

t: 0207 811 8513

Each Page on the CMC Portal has a HELP button that's specific to the page “HELP” is being accessed from.

CCG Clinical Lead

If there are any difficulties in resolving any issues, please contact Dr Jonathan Sheldon.

e: jsheldon1@nhs.net​

t: 07939 119131

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