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The NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) combines electronic booking with a choice of place, date and time for first hospital or clinic appointments.

Paper Switch Off is the requirement for all GP referrals to consultant led first outpatient appointments to be made via e-Referrals.

Paper switch off (PSO) overview:

  • GP referrals sent to Consultant Led clinics must be done via e-Referrals (eRS), and no longer accepted by other routes (e.g. email, fax)
  • Does not include Diagnostics, Mental Health, Maternity, local exclusions

Please note:

  • Routine referrals go via CCAS/e-Referrals for most specialties apart from MSK.
  • MSK Specialties go via Camden MSK/e-Referrals.
  • Urgent Referrals (non- 2wws)  booked directly to the hospital via e-Referrals by the GP Practice.
  • 2wws booked directly to the hospital via e-Referrals by the GP Practice.

Please see Downloads section for referral guidance and information.

Useful contacts:

  • For e-referral queries, t: 020 3182 1774
  • For Camden MSK queries, t: 020 3447 5452 x75452