DVT Investigations

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Royal Free provide a Vascular Studies Unit investigation for possible DVT.

Adapted Wells (1997) clinical scores, including risk factors, available within request form (see Downloads).

If patient has DVT, they will be sent to A&E and results faxed to surgery.

If patient does not have DVT, referred back to GP for clinical management.

How to Refer

Complete DVT investigation request form (see Downloads) and fax to 020 7472 6730 or send via e-Referral (direct to hospital not via CCAS).

If the patient is with you, ring 020 7830 2862 to arrange scan and then fax the completed form or send via e-Referral.

If not, fax completed form, or send via e-Referral, for the technologist to contact patient to arrange scan.

Contact Details

Royal Free Hospital

Vascular Studies Unit, 6th Floor, Pond Street, London NW3 2QG

t: 020 7830 2862

f: 020 7472 6730

e: RF-TR.OAC-General-fax@nhs.net

Nicola Gilbert (Operations Manager) – t: 020 7794 0500 x35520