Diabetes – Integrated Practice Unit

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Tier 1 Primary Care Support

  • Annual diabetes IPU visit at practice or neighbourhood level
  • ​Clinical support focused at practice/neigbourhood level:
    a.  Case Note Review – virtual review and management  
    b.  DSN-led clinics for non-high risk patients 
    c.  Joint clinics with GP/DSN or GP/PN for high-risk patients. The aim of this is to up-skill primary care and improve patient outcomes in this high-risk group 
    d.  Bite-size, in-house education on new guidelines, diabetes update or case discussions
  • ​Staff Education – annual diabetes conference and three-day Camden diabetes course 

Tier 3 Community Clinic

  • virtual consultant advice and guidance
  • access to Diabetes Specialist Nurse
  • psychological assessment/intervention
  • DESMOND and Bengali group Type 2 education, 1-2-1 education
  • advice from a dietician
  • review by podiatrist including assessment of diabetes foot risk rating
  • psychological assessment
  • joint CKD/diabetes clinic
  • pre-conception counselling

Initial and follow-up appointments will be made by the service's administration team at Mary Rankin.

Tier 4 Hospital Services

  • type 1 management and education
  • pregnant - Type 1, Type 2, gestational diabetes
  • insulin pumps
  • CKD 4&5
  • emergency podiatry referral (ulcer, infection, necrosis, absent pulses, charcot)

Available at Royal Free Hospital or UCLH.

Eligibility criteria


Tier 3 Community Clinic

For inclusion and exclusion criteria see attached document.

Psychological service inclusion criteria:

  • diabetes-related distress, including  ‘diabetes burn-out’
  • disordered eating
  • psychological insulin resistance
  • fear of hypoglycaemia
  • difficulties changing behaviour to maximise health or treatment.

How to refer

EMIS form Download Form

Referral methods: E-referral

Tier 3 Community Clinic

Refer via e-Referral to CCAS.

  1. Complete the Diabetes Proforma in EMIS (see EMIS template)
  2. Create an e-Referral (Choose & Book referral) via your GP clinical system
  3. In e-Referral (Choose & Book) select Specialty/Clinic Type: General Medicine then Service: Camden Integrated Care Service (CICS)
  4. Send UBRNs (Unique Booking Reference Numbers) to CCAS

Tier 4 Hospital Services

Via e-Referral.