Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services

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CNWL provide comprehensive sexual health and contraceptive care across NCL. GP referral is centralised across all sites. Patients can also self-refer.

Eligibility criteria


  • Patients symptomatic of STI/known STI
  • Patients with STI contact
  • Patients in need of post-coital IUD


  • Sterilisation
  • IUS for non-contraceptive reasons
  • Routine cervical screening
  • Gynaecological care – see Gynaecology

How to refer


This form can be sent by: Email

GPs can refer direct by email or telephone.

t: 020 3317 5252



Non-symptomatic patients can access online sexual health check-up and free postal self-test kits at SHL.

Self-referral to sexual health clinics by telephoning central booking (number below) or booking an appointment online (click below to book online):

For urgent issues (such as confirmed STI or needing an emergency IUD) patients will be seen urgently and can walk-in to any clinic. However, it is advisable that they telephone central booking to confirm the best place to attend.

t: 020 3317 5252

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