Children's Centres

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Camden Sure Start Children's Centres provide social, emotional, economic and educational support to families from pregnancy through to the age of 5.

Areas include midwifery, health visiting, breastfeeding, baby feeding, stay and play, language development, family support, early eduction and childcare.

See Downloads section for information leaflets.

Watch this video promoting the importance of referring to Children’s Centres.

Eligibility criteria


Camden families expecting a child or have at least one child under 5 years.

How to Refer Self Referral

GP referral – GPs can refer using the online GP referral form or phone the nearest children’s centre and talk to the Family Support Manager.

Self-referral – Parents can visit the centre to ask for services or complete the online Children’s Centre registration form.

Contact Details

For more information on which GP practices fall within which Children's Centre area, see map.

1a – t: 020 7974 7024

Agar – t: 020 7974 4789

Harmood – t: 020 7974 8961

Kilburn Grange – t: 020 7974 5080

Regents Park – t: 020 7974 8934

See Downloads to obtain the slides for the children's centre in your area to add to practice screens.

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