Cervical Screening

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From 15 April 2019 the cervical screening service in Camden will start HPV primary testing. Cervical screening samples will be taken in the same way, but tested for HPV initially. Only those that are HPV positive will have cytology testing. If cytology is abnormal there will be automatic referral to colposcopy and if cytology is normal they will be asked to return for repeat screening in 12 months (due to the presence of HPV). For more details please refer to the flowcharts (see Downloads).

HSL are offering education events introducing primary HPV screening and sample takers are encouraged to complete this Primary HPV e-learning.

All cervical sample takers should be registered with the pan-London Cervical Sample Taker Database (CSTD).

If women wish to opt-out of cervical screening GPs are required to send a letter or email to Primary Care Services England at Pcse.screening-leeds@nhs.net who send the patient information and request a signed letter from the patient. PCSE then notify GPs electronically (via Open Exeter) once PCSE have received the signed form.

Appointments are through GP practice.

Eligibility criteria


  • Age 25-49: invitations every 3 years
  • Age 50-64: invitations every 5 years
  • Age 65+: only those not screened since the age of 50 or who have had recent abnormal tests.
  • Women younger than 25 should not be screened as part of the NHS cervical-screening programme.

If a woman younger than 25 presents with symptoms indicative of possible cervical cancer, refer to the DoH guidelines on screening young women

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