North East Thames Regional Genetic Service

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Service for people who are at risk of a hereditary predisposition to cancer – discusses genetic investigations and options for cancer risk management.

Consider referring patients who have been diagnosed with the following cancers:

  • Breast
  • Ovarian
  • Bowel
  • Renal
  • Endocrine
  • Unusual tumour site or unusually young age of onset for that tumour type

Those with a strong family history of cancer may be offered an appointment for assessment in certain circumstances.

Please note: this service does not cover patients at Abbey Medical. For these patients, please see North West Thames Regional Genetic Service.

Eligibility criteria


Please check referral guidelines and postcodes before making referral.

  • The individual being referred should be affected with cancer (unless otherwise stated).
  • All affected relatives should be on the same side of the family.
  • It is essential that all ages of diagnosis are specified in the initial referral.
  • Send a completed family history questionnaire (see Downloads) with your referral (see info about the appointment).
  • Whenever possible, send histology for cancer diagnoses with the referral.
  • Adults who are at risk of carrying a mutation in a cancer predisposition gene which has been identified in a relative should be referred.
  • Fulfilling the referral criteria does not mean a person will be seen in the genetics clinic.

How to refer

EMIS form Download Form

Referral methods: E-referral

Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: E-referral

Complete referral form and send routine to CCAS via e-Referral.