Bloomsbury Clinic

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Free, confidential treatment and care for people with HIV. Services include:

  • HIV treatment advice and follow-up, including rapid HIV tests and support for patients using anti-HIV medication (antiretroviral therapy or HAART)
  • Access to in-house specialist HIV pharmacy, dietitian, health advisor and psychologist
  • Emergency clinic and out-of-hours advice
  • Teenage clinic for adolescents living with HIV
  • Inpatient wards at UCLH

Clinic also runs Bloomsbury Network, a service providing support, advice, information and events to help people living with HIV in Camden. Patients can contact the network using the below details.

t: 020 3317 5177


How to refer

Self-referral Patient Leaflet

Self-referral by telephone. Provide patient leaflet.

t: 020 3317 5100

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Service Feedback

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Phone Number

t: 020 3317 5244


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Last updated: Oct 13th, 2020
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