Antenatal – Royal Free

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Antenatal Service at Royal Free Hospital.

Please note that for late pre-term and term infants with risk factors for postnatal compromise, GPs will no longer get a formal neonatal summary and their potential vulnerability will instead be highlighted through the banner on the discharge letter. Royal Free Hospital should provide parent's with a 'Keeping Mother's and Babies Together' leaflet which explains this (see Downloads). See this news item for more details.

How to Refer Self Referral

For GP referrals – complete NCL Antenatal Referral Form (see Downloads) and send by fax or email.

Women can self-refer by completing the RFH self-referral form (see Downloads).

f: 020 7830 2752


Contact Details

Royal Free

Antenatal Clinic Sister – e:, t: 020 7794 0500, bleep 2433

Community Midwifery Lead – t: 020 7794 0500, bleep 2619

Named Midwife for Child Protection and Vulnerable Families – e: t: 020 7794 0500, bleep 2727 or 07887 996419

Director of Midwifery – e: t: 020 7794 0500 x36291 or 07786 526492

On-call manager – t: 020 7794 0500, bleep 1206

Call Centre, all referrals – t: 020 7794 0500 x36169