Advice and Guidance

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Please see the Advice and Guidance Specialities Table in Downloads for a list of A&G specialties which are available at local Royal Free, Whittington and UCLH.

Advice and Guidance allows the 'requesting' clinician to seek advice from a clinician at the provider hospital on:

  • treatment plan and/or patient management
  • test results
  • appropriateness of a referral (e.g. whether to refer, what the most appropriate alternative care pathway might be)
  • most clinically appropriate service to refer to (and how to find it)

See Downloads for the Advice & Guidance document for details on how to use advice and guidance. A&G has been enhanced to provide 'multi-way' conversations, allowing the consultant to request further information from the GP and allowing the GP to ask one more question. 

To improve the Advice & Guidance service via e-Referrals, we would like to collate examples of feedback to the Trust. Please share feedback here. No personal data will be shared.

Mental Health Teams

Mental Health Teams Advice and Guidance – email only