The Quality Alerts System (QAS) was implemented by Camden CCG in response to Francis Recommendation 123, following the Mid-Staffordshire Trust inquiry. The recommendation states that: 

“GPs need to undertake a monitoring role on behalf of their patients who receive acute hospital and other specialist services. They should be an independent, professionally qualified check on the quality of service, in particular in relation to an assessment of outcomes. They need to have internal systems enabling them to be aware of patterns of concern, so that they do not merely treat each case on its individual merits. They have a responsibility to all their patients to keep themselves informed of the standard of service available at various providers in order to make patients’ choice reality. A GP’s duty to a patient does not end on referral to hospital, but is a continuing relationship. They will need to take this continuing partnership with their patients seriously if they are to be successful commissioners.”

When should the Quality Alert System be used?

The Quality Alert System enables GP Practice staff and Patient Groups to raise any quality concerns arising from Provider services and can act as an early warning system alerting Camden CCG that further assurance may be needed from the Providers. The QAS should be used when a number of patients have raised the same issue with your practice, you observe persistent decline in a particular service of a provider and a pattern of concerns is emerging. These may have been raised by a member of practice staff or the Patient Participation Group. Patient identifiable information should not be included in the alert. 

Examples of concerns that have been managed through the system include:

  • Patient experience
  • Poor quality, timeliness or legibility of discharge summaries
  • Issues with booking services/referral issues
  • Poor quality of care (clinical care, nursing, nutrition, dignity).

Do not use the QAS to:

  • Raise formal complaints; these should be made directly to the provider
  • Raise contractual issues about service provision; these should be reported to the Commissioning Team via
  • Raise queries relating to medicines management; these should be raised with Medicines Management Team via   

Submitting a Quality Alert Form

Submit Quality Alert Form here

Patient identifiable information should not be included in the alert. 

The Quality & Safety Team will acknowledge receipt of the Quality Alert (QA) advising reporter to raise concern with the Providers if not already done, log it and will inform the reporter of the action that has been taken by the CCG and any outcome resulting from it.