Lexacom Digital Dictation

Lexacom have developed their Digital Dictation software which fully integrates with any of their third party services to provide a seamless end to end work flow and saves time on administration and lighten workloads. CCG will fund the initials costs for any Practice that want to sign up and use the Lexacom software solutions. The practice pays for annual membership from year 2  Lexacom will be able to visit your Practice at a date and time to suit you to provide a 20 minute demonstration and answer questions on the following services they offer:

  • Digital Dictation: Allows GPs to dictate into the computer and link the recording with the patient demographic information through an integration with the clinical system. The secretarial staff have a visible queue of outstanding work and can easily identify urgent or specific jobs.
  • Direct Speech Recognition: Allows GPs to dictate into the PC and see the words appear on the screen. Useful for referral letters and consultation notes.
  • Server Speech Recognition: GP dictates and sends to the secretary but before it arrives it is transcribed by the Speech Recognition software so the secretary only has to check, correct and process.

To request a demonstration please contact graham.kirk@camdenccg.nhs.uk

EMIS Anywhere

After the 23rd April the CCG will no longer be funding or supporting EMIS Mobile but will instead fund the provision and first year costs of EMIS Anywhere. Features of EMIS Anywhere include:

  • Access full EMIS Web system wherever you are, straight from an ultra-thin, ultra-light touchscreen tablet
  • Harnessing N3 connection to view patient notes, appointments, medication remotely as well as accessing NHS mail and NWW websites too
  • Perfect for care home visits, seeing patients outside of surgery or working from home
  • Comes with N3 connect token and 1st years license and data
  • Tablets are lightweight, fast and easy to use with multitouch display and Windows 10

The CCG funding is based around providing one EMIS Anywhere enabled tablet for every 2500 patients on a Practice Patient List. Each Practice can request at least one tablet, regardless of their Patient list size.

The year 2 onwards costs are to be met by the Practice which is currently £420 + vat per unit which covers the N3 connection and the 3G SIM card.

If you wish to take advantage of this initiative please email graham.kirk@camdenccg.nhs.uk stating your practice name, CBD number, the number of units required and the names, email addresses and contact details of the users who require the service.

Practice WiFi

Camden CCG are rolling out GP Practice WiFi to our member surgeries. The WiFi solution offered has two separate interfaces:

  1. Practice employees - allow staff to use practice owned encrypted laptops as additional fully functioning wireless terminals via N3 network
  2. Patients - an optional interface for patients in waiting areas, configured by taking anyone logged in directly to surgery website as landing page with appropriate content restrictions

The CCG will fund the upfront cost of hardware and installation plus 1st year maintenance. Ongoing cost would need to be met by the Practice with amounts between £750-£1500 per year dependant on the size of the practice. 

If you are interested please contact graham.kirk@camdenccg.nhs.uk