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Every month, IT & Systems issue updates in newsletters to allow practices to maintain and update their systems. These newsletters are kept here for easy access and reference. Please contact IT & Sytems for newsletters older than six months.


June 2018 – Updated IT Tools and Referral Forms, Universal Offer – Clinical Outcomes and GP Dashboard, New EMIS Patient Access and Summer IT Workshops

May 2018 – Updated IT Tools and Referral Forms, IG – GDPR & Revised Data Processing Contract, iPlato Credits

March 2018 – Updated IT Tools, SNOMED-CT, Electronic Prescription Service, GP Website News, IT Tools & Reports 2018–19

February 2018 – End-of-year Checklist for Practices 2017–18

January 2018 – Updated IT Tools, SNOMED-CT, Patient Online, Electronic Prescription Service