Prepare for flu season using the information on this page.

Resources for GP practices and clinicians

Immunisation Training dates 2020 are available on the e-Learning for Healthcare website.

Patient leaflets, posters and more information can be found on the website.

To access records for patient flu vaccinations sign up to Sonar (it only takes 2 minutes). You can also acknowledge your patients or mark as NOP direct from the system. 

See the NCL Sonar webinar that took place on 25 August 2020 on the right hand side.

Please use the London Flu website to search for pharmacies providing the flu vaccination service in London and signpost patients to pharmacies as appropriate.

IT & Systems

The IT & Systems team are planning to update their flu searches, alert protocol and add vaccine protocol for this flu season. Please check the Overview of IT Tools page for updates.

If your query is not answered on this page, please email the Primary Care team, e:


This Vaccine Incident Guidance: Responding to errors in vaccine storage, handling and administration is a revised and updated guidance.

It has been developed to provide consistent guidelines, for both providers and commissioners of immunisation services, in the investigation and management of vaccine storage or administration incidents. Whilst the main focus of this guidance is where vaccine(s) has been stored outside the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range (+2°C to +8°C), or where there is doubt about the effectiveness of vaccination following a storage error, it also contains advice about other commonly encountered issues such as errors in vaccine preparation and administration.

The document draws on existing guidance on vaccine storage and handling and reflects best practice procedures that should already be in place.

This page contains a selection of useful information for practices. However, practices should refer to the website for details of all PHE published guidance, updates and resources on the 2020-21 Flu Season.

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