Video Group Clinics: a virtual way to create time to care

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NHS England and Improvement has commissioned Redmoor Health and The Experience Led Care Programme (ELC) to support the spread of video group clinics (VGCs) in primary care.

VGCs enable clinicians to undertake clinical reviews in a supportive, virtual group clinic setting that increases clinician time efficiency, reduces repetition and will help overcome the damaging loneliness amongst people living with chronic health issues that shielding and self-isolation is creating.

National training will be running from summer 2020 and will be free for all practices in England. You can get as many people trained as you need. 

How VGCs will help you improve care

  • catch up with and maintain chronic disease management reviews
  • support high-risk groups to self manage and make lifestyle changes eg: people with Type 2 Diabetes
  • overcome loneliness and anxiety by building community and resilience
  • make better use of clinician time
  • support retention and flexible working
  • future-proof your practice

Get your team up and running

  • audit your readiness to run video group clinics
  • get support to set up your tech and think through VGC logistics, scheduling and workforce development
  • learn how to manage risk, consent patients and preserve confidentiality
  • get VGC skills training and a toolkit, including guidance on key aspects of information governance and best practice

Register your practice's interest now with these easy steps

  1. go to and search 'VGC National'
  2. register your practice and state your CCG
  3. we will contact you so you can book onto training on a convenient date ASAP
Expiry date: Aug 31st, 2020