Update on availability of vaccines for 2020/21 children’s flu programme supplied by PHE

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Please find below an update on the indicative start date for ordering of the two vaccines available to providers of the children’s flu programme in England via PHE’s ImmForm website and additional vaccine ordering information for general practice and school-age immunisation providers.

These preliminary timings are subject to change and plans for vaccination sessions in both schools and general practices should take account of this. Further information will be shared by PHE via the NIN, on the ImmForm website and through Vaccine Update over the summer.

Vaccine Manufacturer Anticipated order opening for all providers
Fluenz® Tetra (LAIV) AstraZeneca By early September
Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (split virion, inactivated) (QIVe) Sanofi Pasteur By early September

LAIV ordering information for General Practice

Ordering controls will be in place for Fluenz® Tetra to enable PHE to balance supply with demand. As in previous years, ordering controls for general practices are tailored to each practice and work by allocating an amount of vaccine based on the number of registered eligible patients. Increases to the allocations will be applied as soon a sufficient stock becomes available to do so. Exact timings cannot be defined at this time, however we expect to be able to facilitate the following:

  • Each GP practice will initially be allocated sufficient vaccine to vaccinate at least 50% of their eligible children (all two and three year olds, plus children in clinical risk groups from age four to <18 years) when ordering commences.
  • Subsequently, each GP practice will be allocated sufficient vaccine to vaccinate at least 70% of their eligible cohort (as above) by early October.
  • Further amendments to these allocations will be made in response to demand and vaccine availability.
  • Requests for extra vaccine will be considered on a case by case basis throughout.

LAIV ordering information for school-age providers

A default ordering cap of 300 packs (3,000 doses) per week, per ImmForm account will be in place for school providers.

Where this cap is insufficient and a provider needs a larger weekly volume of vaccine to deliver the programme (for example where a provider covers a large area using a single account), a higher weekly cap should be requested via the PHE Vaccine Operations team by emailing vaccinesupply@phe.gov.uk. Requests should be made by Friday 14 August to ensure that accounts are set up correctly before vaccine ordering commences.

For one-off larger orders during the ordering period, requests should be made via helpdesk@immform.org.uk in good time before the order cut-off.

Inactivated flu vaccine ordering

PHE also supplies an egg-based Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (split virion, inactivated) which is suitable for all children from six months to less than 18 years old. 

This vaccine will have an initial order cap of 20 doses per week.

This vaccine should be ordered for all eligible children aged less than nine years who are contraindicated for, or too young to receive Fluenz® Tetra AND are in a clinical risk group. 

Full details of the vaccine arrangements for children in clinical risk groups aged nine years and over who are contraindicated for Fluenz® Tetra can be found in the flu letter published Thursday 14 May 2020.

If you have any queries please contact our team directly:

e: england.londonimms@nhs.net

Expiry date: Aug 22nd, 2020