Roll out of HealtheIntent

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HealtheIntent, the NCL STP’s population health management platform, will provide GP practices (and groups of practices) with an increased collective ability to be more proactive in the care of patients and communities. 

HealtheIntent links health and care information from different sources and enables health and care professionals directly involved in a resident’s care to view joined-up information collected by different health and care organisations.

Its purpose is to support:

  • the delivery of direct care to individual patients/service users, e.g.:
    • identifying ‘gaps in care’ through registries e.g. Diabetes and Atrial Fibrilation case findings via HealtheAnalytics, so that the individual can be offered the appropriate intervention
  • improvements in health outcomes at a population level, e.g.
    • identifying where the largest ‘gaps in care’ are for a specific population)
    • identifying where there are opportunities for quality improvement by showing where there may be unwarranted variation, so that improved processes can be put in place for the population to enable them to be offered and accessed with the appropriate intervention

View a short animation about HealtheIntent.

The NCL STP will be running a 2-hour webinar 1-3pm on 16 July 2020. Invites will be shared shortly with all Camden practices to discuss HealtheIntent and its rollout in Camden.

We would appreciate if someone could attend from each practice.

Expiry date: Aug 31st, 2020