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Where practices have a patient under the care of a trust GPs are reminded to contact the neurology consultant/their secretary rather than use advice and guidance.
In some instances, GP patient queries have been rejected by the trusts with instructions to re-submit via advice and guidance. This is not protocol and the hospitals have given assurance it will no longer continue. GPs can expect to be responded to directly.
A request has also been made for up-to-date information on phone numbers and email addresses to be put onto the letter to the GP to enable this process to happen more easily.
Thank you for using advice and guidance for neurology queries. Local Neurologists have confirmed the majority of the queries have been resolved by the GP being provided with the relevant advice, enabling them to continue to manage the patient in primary care.
If you still experience this issue please email Karen Derrick.

Expiry date: Aug 21st, 2019