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As many of you are aware the IRIS project (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety) is coming to an end on 30 April 2019 and will be superseded by the Camden Safety Net team. Victim survivors will still be able to access support after this date through Camden Safety Net the local Independent Domestic & Sexual Advice (IDSVA) service.

The Camden IRIS project ran from January 2014. During this time the project provided training to all GP surgeries in Camden equating to nearly 400 members of staff (health and administrative staff). IRIS received almost 500 referrals from surgeries in response to this training, demonstrating how hugely successful it has been in improving the knowledge, skills and confidence of our clinicians in recognising and referring victims of Domestic Abuse. 

Camden was also recognised as an area of excellence, and even researched by an academic team for National IRIS for the significant impact the training and project had on our clinicians and consequent number of referrals.

What happens next and where do I refer after 1 April?
Health professionals can still refer into IRIS until this time but we will stop receiving new referrals from 31 March 2019. The IRIS advocates will still be available to provide telephone advice and support for professionals, training and for ongoing support to existing cases until 30 April 2019.
From 1 April onwards Camden Safety Net (local IDSVA service) will become the first point of contact for referrals and advice and support from general practice. More details will be available closer to the end of March 2019. For how to refer please visit the Camden Safety Net page on GP Website.

Other resources for patients:

What if my practice’s training is outstanding or I haven’t had training?
In the interim, training is still available and I would encourage you to take this up if your practice hasn’t already while this offer is still available. Please email Shafu Khanom to book a suitable date.

There is also training available to book on GP Website on the following dates (click to book or find out more):

If there is a need, we can do additional group or practice sessions in April (please contact the IRIS team early to arrange this).

If you have any queries please email the IRIS team (FAO Shar or Caitriona).

Expiry date: Apr 30th, 2019