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The COVID-19 outbreak has changed how primary care cares for patients with strict infection and cross contamination controls, designed to protect both patients and staff. The procurement of eConsult for GP surgeries in the five boroughs of North Central London (NCL) by NHS England happened very quickly and with a fast rollout, in order to support total triage for the COVID response.

The eConsult system has been live in NCL for nearly four months now. As the eConsult system starts to become more familiar, the online consultations team will be using this GP bulletin to provide updates, resources and guidance for GP surgeries.

Over the next few weeks, you will get a weekly update from the online consultations team with useful information, handy tips and content to support use of eConsult.

  • For the rest of July and August, you will get updates covering the eConsult basics.
  • From September onwards, the team will tailor what is sent to what is relevant and timely for GPs, tying in with feedback that many GPs kindly provided to us via a Microsoft Forms survey.

The team would like to hear from you, so if you have an idea or suggestion about what you’d like to know about using eConsult, please contact NEL CSU.


If you have a technical question related to eConsult, please contact the eConsult operations executive


Expiry date: Aug 15th, 2020