Closure of Patient Specific Protocols (PSPs) at London Ambulance Service.

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Approximately a year ago the London Ambulance Service (LAS) purchased iPads for all frontline ambulance clinicians.

In accordance with the recommendations of NHS England London and NHS improvement LAS have introduced the Coordinate My Care (CMC) program which is accessible as an app on all of the ambulance clinician Trust iPads. CMC enables clinicians to access up-to-date information compared to PSPs.

From 1 July 2019 any key clinical information that you want our frontline ambulance clinicians to be aware must be placed exclusively on to CMC where staff will be able to access it as needed in a timely way. This includes patients where an LAS PSP is currently held.

When entering clinical information onto CMC, LAS also ask that if you are requesting specific medications to be administered to your patient in specific circumstances by LAS clinicians, you recognise that not every LAS clinician will hold a registered Paramedic qualification. An ambulance clinician will only be able to undertake procedures which are within their normal scope of practice and registered ambulance clinicians will only be able to administer a drug which is outside their formulary if they are trained in the route of administration and it is prescribed on the MAR chart.

LAS would like to encourage all healthcare providers to support this transformation of key clinical information sharing to help continue to improve the care provision for those living in London.

If you would like to find out more please view the full update letter.

If you have any queries please email Alex Faulkes.

Expiry date: Aug 30th, 2019