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Held each week a month, the MDTs focus is on providing collaborative care planning, with each patient being discussed by a team of experts who will collaboratively devise a care plan and add it into EMIS Web. The MDT meetings consist of a variety of health and social care professionals such as GP’s, Social Workers, Care Navigators, Memory Service, OT’s, PT’s, Geriatricians, Clinical Nurses and more.

GPs are encouraged to attend either in person or by teleconference/video conference at either the Neighbourhood or Hub MDTs. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, MDT’s are being held by teleconference until further notice. Please email the MDT admin team regarding the neighborhood meeting you are planning to attend, referral forms for patient discussion and for more information. Please note that when referring a patient for MDT discussion, you must ensure you obtain, confirm and clarify patient consent on the referral form – discussion of patients can not happen without this. 


Camden Frailty Neighbourhood MDMs

  • Borough 
  • NW3
  • NW5 
  • West
  • CHE South and South

Camden Frailty MDM Dates


  • October - 7th, 14th 
  • November - 4th, 11th 
  • December - 1st, 9th, 30th 


  • October - 21st
  • November - 18th
  • December -16th 


  • October - 28th 
  • November - 25th
  • December - 23rd  


  • October - 28th 
  • November - 25th
  • December - 23rd  

CHE South and South

  • October - 21st
  • November - 18th
  • December - 16th    
PCN Coordinator Contact Email
Borough All
NW5 Shemeka Henry
West Stephanie Ramrattan 
CHE South and South Nicola Ramrattan


Expiry date: Dec 31st, 2020