Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) Initiation & Monitoring

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Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) Initiation & Monitoring

The aims of the DOACs Initiation & Monitoring service are to:

  • improve patient access to safe and effective anticoagulation initiation through collaboration between the patient’s GP and a Consultant anticoagulation specialist;
  • offer a cost-effective, standardised and clinically effective service for Camden patients who need a DOAC;
  • support innovation in anticoagulation therapy, using the availability of new therapies, in line with local and national guidance, and develop existing anticoagulation services in the community, improving outcomes and patient experience, and reducing costs and inequality of anticoagulation service provision.

Specification Document

Universal Offer Service Specification 2020/21

DOCX, 104.76 KB


Appendix 01: Roles and Responsibilities

PDF, 213.28 KB

Appendix 02: Competency Assessment for Healthcare Professionals

PDF, 181.04 KB

Appendix 03: Clinical Governance

PDF, 173.42 KB

Appendix 04: Readiness Assurance Checklist

PDF, 143.11 KB

Appendix 05: Business Continuity Plan

PDF, 137.18 KB

Appendix 06: Management of Patients with Out-of-range INR

PDF, 173.63 KB

Appendix 07: DNA – Pathway

PDF, 136.96 KB

Appendix 08: Patient Information Leaflet

PDF, 237.63 KB

Appendix 9: Transfer Pathway from Royal Free Anticoagulant Clinic

PDF, 651.95 KB

Appendix 10: Warfarin Counselling Checklist

PDF, 278.25 KB

Appendix 11: Warfarin Sensitivity

PDF, 197.71 KB

Appendix 12: Use of CoaguChek XS Plus & XS Pro for Capillary INRs

PDF, 764.4 KB

Appendix 13: Guide for Use of CoaguChek XS Pro

PDF, 361.03 KB

Appendix 14: Duplicate Handling Procedure DAWN

PDF, 274.63 KB

Appendix 15: Incident Form

PDF, 268.78 KB

Appendix 16: Annual Review of Patients Template

PDF, 336.62 KB

Appendix 17: Bridging Request Form

PDF, 192.09 KB

Appendix 18: DOAC Counselling Checklist

PDF, 581.13 KB

Appendix 19: DOAC Prescribing Support

PDF, 464.19 KB

Appendix 20: Warfarin Specification

PDF, 348.25 KB

Appendix 21: RFH Training Presentations for DOACs 2017

ZIP, 4.25 MB

Appendix 22: Virtual MDT DOAC Clinic Instructions for GPs – v.4 Nov 2017

PDF, 565.69 KB

Last updated: May 28th, 2020
Review date: Apr 1st, 2021