Bowelscope & Colonoscopy Straight to Test

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Dr Ed Seward, Consultant Gastroenterologist at UCLH, talks about Bowelscope, a new screening method checking for polyps which could go on to cause bowel cancer. Everyone who turns 55 years old is eligible for a flexible sigmoidoscopy. Centres are UCLH, Whittington, and Chase Farm Hospital. He also talks about Colonoscopy Straight to Test for colorectal symptoms which is a pathway UCLH are introducing with the aim to reduce the time between referral and a diagnostic test. It should be available on Choose and Book from the New Year 2015, though informal referrals can be made before then.

Transcript of video


Dr Ed Seward - SD

Broadcast date: October 15th, 2014
Review date: Feb 14th, 2021