Vulnerable Adults, Homelessness & Learning Disabilities Event

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Please note, this event is more than a year old. The information shown here may be out of date.

Vulnerable Adults, Homelessness & Learning Disabilities Event

Homeless Meeting

This session was hosted by Dr Nigel Hewett, Medical Director Pathway and Dr Kristinn Tan Lead GP from Camden Health Improvement Practice (CHIP). The session discussed homelessness in Camden, the demographics and the available health services and the pathway model of GP led care.

Vulnerable Adults - Safeguarding and Mental Capacity

The training was delivered by Carmen Gardier, a very experienced safeguarding lead who delivers training to GPs and regularly delivers training to the GMC. The session covered GPs safeguarding responsibility within a legal framework,the pan London policy and now the Camden policy and a brief overview of the Care Act and the 6 principles under pinning the Care Act.

Learning Disabilities Meeting

This session was an opportunity to hear about the latest research, conducted in Camden, on the effectiveness of annual health checks and the importance of the incentivised scheme in identifying easy to treat conditions and assisting with early diagnosis with diseases such as cancer. Part of the session gave opportunity to hear from people with learning disabilities and identified easy ways for the surgery to make “reasonable adjustments” as required.

Dr Marta Buszewicz and Professor Angela Hassiotis  presented the research. Training People is an organisation of people with learning disabilities who specialise in training on learning disabilities.

The handout provides more information about the session.