UCLH Primary Care Fellowship Masterclass – Stratified Follow-up

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Please note, this event is more than a year old. The information shown here may be out of date.

UCLH Primary Care Fellowship Masterclass – Stratified Follow-up

During the twelve-month Living with and Beyond Cancer Fellowship, the Primary Care Fellows undertake a programme of clinical and academic training to gain experience across both generalist and specialist sectors in the clinical area of the fellowship. In 2019, the programme has scope to invite a wider audience to the Living With and Beyond Cancer Masterclasses, open to Macmillan GPs and GPs with an interest in cancer.

This session will focus on the following topics:


  • Understand the different models of stratified follow-up to support individuals with breast, colorectal and prostate cancer.


  • Appraise different models of stratified follow-up – acute led and primary care led. Consider the pros and cos of each from a patient, doctor and commissioning point of view.
  • Understand the local levers/plans regarding implementation of SFU.
  • Describe the concept of activated and non-activated patients in long term condition management.
  • Discuss methods to encourage and promote self-management to people and how this varies based on whether they’re activated or not and nature of long term condition(s).
  • Learn about tools utilised to support individuals to self-manage. E.g. Patient activated measure (PAM).
  • Further focus on CCR – TCST 4 point model and integration into LTC follow-up.

For more information please email Sharon Cavanagh or Anthony Cunliffe

To book a place please email Daisy Doncaster.